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What is Water?

History of Drinking Water and Water Filtration

Interesting Water Facts

What are Water Quality Testers (Meters)?

The Relationship Between TDS and Electrical Conductivity

Common TDS found in water (good and bad) / Contaminants & Impurities

Drinking Water Standards

Bottled Water and Federal Labeling Requirements

The Human Body and Water

Benefits of Pure Water for Health

Benefits of Mineral Water for Health

Disadvantages of Drinking Pure Water

Disadvantages of Drinking Mineral Water

Water Conservation Tips

3 Easy Tips to Save Water

Fruit and Vegetable Washing (ORP)

Common Problems Found in Tap Water

Waterborne Diseases

Boil Water Alerts

What Is Perchlorate?

Environmental Testing

Vineyards and Wineries


Metal Finishing

Ozone System Monitoring (related to ORP)